Wonderwoman Inspired Bib Necklace

Marcy Giron of The Curvy Lifestyle

This is one of my favorite outfits. I think a style trick to remember is to always wear a statement piece that can highlight your whole look, specially when you’re wearing solid colors. Make sure to add in a twist or a pop of color. Always keep it exciting, and it’s not important if you’re wearing designer clothes or not. What’s important is that you dress how you feel and be creative.

I got this Wonderwoman inspired bib necklace from My friend Mitch Biñas. When I was in college, she was majoring in fashion design. I regularly hung-out with some photography people, and I would always tag along during photo shoots. One of the photo shoots I went to was a Superhero themed shoot, and Mitch was one of the stylists. When I saw this piece, I was so amazed. I know, it looks simple to me now, but back then, I was really clueless. haha. Anyway, I’m glad I finally found an outfit to wear this with, it’s been sitting in my closet for ages.


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