Recipe: Kewpie Mayo Scrambled Eggs

I am a huge fan of breakfast food and Kewpie mayo. I was watching a mayonnaise commercial on tv a while back, and the ad said that mayo made scrambled eggs fluffier. I grew up eating plain scrambled eggs, no milk, mayo or anything, only salt and that’s it. But when I started becoming more hands-on in the kitchen, I decided to give the mayo thing a try. I’m not really a fan of mayo, especially the brands sold here in the Philippines. I can tolerate the taste of the Magnolia brand, but what I really love is Kewpie Mayo, or what’s more commonly known as Japanese Mayo.

When ketchup isn’t around, Kewpie is my go-to dip. It goes well with anything really, and just recently, I tried it with eggs, and it worked!

Here’s what you’ll need

1-2 whole eggs
1 tbsp of Kewpie Mayo
Salt and pepper, to taste

Just combine the mayo and eggs, then whisk until the mayo is fully dissolved. Pour the mixture into a nonstick skillet over low fire. The key here is to constantly mix the egg until it reaches your desired doneness.

I seasoned the eggs with my favorite, Trader Joe’s Tropical Pepper Sea Salt. I used the Chili and Garlic Smoked Sea Salt to season the potato wedges that I made, which gave it’s taste a bit of depth. Yummy!



As usual, I woke up late, so this is what I ate for brunch. They say eating eggs keeps you full longer. And believe me, this was one delicious and filling meal. Kewpie mayo is the best.


I'd appreciate a comment. Have a great day!

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