The Curvy Lifestyle’s Ultimate Workout Playlist

Part of my new year’s resolution is to start working out and eventually finish a 5k run. Last year, I started using this app called C25K, which is a running app for beginners. It literally helps you get your arse off the couch and gives you tips on how to make your body adjust to all the running. One cool thing about this app too is that you can sync it to your phone’s music library so you can listen to music while you sweat it out. (I’ll tell you more about C25K on my next post.) So while using this a couple of times, I realized that the type of music you listen to while exercising helps a lot in keeping your energy up. Now, I’m a huge music lover. I listen to music every chance I get, so I decided to create a mix that can be the perfect workout buddy. I share with you the Curvy Lifestyle’s Ultimate Workout playlist. Here’s a compilation of my favorite high energy beats that will keep you motivated and energetic as you begin your road to being healthy. Of course, this isn’t just for running, you can use it when you’re at the gym or even when you just want to shake your booty and sweat it out!


1) Alex Clare – Too Close

2) Olly Murs – Hey You Beautiful

3) Zedd – Spectrum (ft. Matthew Koma)
4) Bloc Party – This Modern Love
5) Krewella – Play Hard
6) Steve Aoki and Laidback Luke – Turbulence (ft. Lil Jon)
7) Steve Aoki – Earthquakey People (ft. River Cuomo)
8) Afrojack and Steve Aoki – No Beef (ft. Miss Palmer)
9) Krewella – Killin It
10) David Guetta – Just One Last Time (ft. Taped Rai)

What I love about this mix is that the intensity builds right in the middle, and ends with a llight-sounding track that will definitely cool you down as you end your workout.  Hey this is my first playlist, so please be kind. I made this using 8tracks, which is a totally cool and legit music sharing platform. If you’ve got an account, I’d appreciate a follow.


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