Blog: Missing Exes And Moving On


What do you do when you miss someone? Miss them. If you’re missing an ex, go ahead, think about them, but never ever dwell on the emotion. Look at how far you’ve come. You’re not the same person 31 days ago. Sure, you might have gotten used to the pain of not having him around, but don’t forget that somehow you’re starting to get back on your feet again. You are not that broken and lost little girl anymore. Your heart may still have cracks, but don’t let a little tug shatter it again. Hold your head up, and tell yourself that you deserve the best kind of love anyone can offer. The best relationships are always not without pain, and what makes it best is that no matter how hard things get, the two of you battle through whatever is thrown at you. In the crappiest of times, you will find every reason to leave the one you’re with, but choosing not to leave despite the doubts and the pain is what matters the most. It’s what makes a relationship worth fighting for. It’s not wrong to miss someone, but think about this, they left you. In some cases, you might be the dumper, but they didn’t fight hard enough to make you stay. So think about that.


I remember reading from somewhere that if a person really wants to be with you, they’ll even cross a desert just to be by your side. So if you’re reading this, and you suddenly miss that person who left you, yeah, go ahead and miss them, then look beside you. If there’s someone there, don’t forget to thank that person for being there for you. And in case you’re alone, give yourself a thumbs up for being strong enough to move on. Getting over someone is not going to happen over night. There will be times when you’ll feel like the pain will never end, there will be times when you’ll suddenly want to get back together with your ex or something, don’t fret, these are normal emotions anyone can go through when relationships end. You might not be able to believe this now, but one day, you’ll be the happiest person when you suddenly realize that he no longer has control over you. The road towards letting go will be hard, and most days you’ll struggle against yourself, but you just have to keep on fighting. I totally agree with Pat Benatar when she said that love was a battlefield. There really is no other way to put it, actually. We relapse because of weakness and fear, we find happiness because we are not afraid to take risks. The only thing truly permanent in this life is change, so trust me when I say, you will be okay. No matter how cliché this may sound, you will find the happiness you deserve, someday. You just have to believe it.


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