Playlist: Ultimate Romantic Roadtrip

It’s February once again. It’s that time of the year when majority of us are reminded of how unlucky we are in the game of love. Nah, just kidding. Excuse my bitterness, I forgot to take my painkillers today. Just kidding again. Haha. Well, for some of the luckier few, this month you are given full rights to flaunt how ridiculously happy you are in your relationships. Our intrinsic need to be cared for and satisfied will surely kick in high gear with the smell of romance and raging hormones filling the air. Flowers and chocolates are definitely clichΓ©, but might work for some, especially the boring ones. Kidding again!

Well, here’s a challenge. Why not go on an adventure? Here at The Curvy Lifestyle, we are suckers for spontaneity. This Valentines, why not plan a roadtrip or a weekend getaway with your lover? You don’t have to go far. Explore the city you’re in, or just get in your car, fill it up with gas, and go drive ’til the sun comes up. I’ve always wanted to do that, but it would be lonely to do it alone. And since I don’t want to spread the bitterness, I’ve handpicked 10 songs perfect for the ultimate romantic roadtrip. Just a reminder though, don’t believe movies that make roadtrips seem exciting and stress-free. Lies I tell you! A lot of things can go wrong when unexpected things happen, but usually the most random and unplanned moments are those that you’ll never forget. Just ride and feel the love. If all else fails, press that play button, and let these smooth beats take you on the best and most romantic adventure of your life.


1. You’ve got the love (Stefanger’s Got the Groove mix) – Florence & The Machine
2. Dove – Moony
3. Watch the sun come up (Moam Remix) – Example
4. Love you like a love sone (Jump Smokers Remix) – Selena Gomez and The Scene
5. Every teardrop is a waterfall (Sebastien Adonis Born Remix) – Coldplay
6. Happiness – Alexis Jordan
7. Silhouettes – Avicci
8. Every chance we get we run – David Guetta & Alesso
9. Clarity (Featuring Foxes) – Zedd
10. We found love (Private Club Mix) – Rihanna feat. Calvin Harris


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