Pre-Valentine’s Potluck: Food, Fun, and Gay Zombies

Valentine’s day isn’t just about couples, so if you’re expecting to read a post about how I had the most romantic date ever, then sorry because that’s not going to happen. First of all, I don’t even have a lover to celebrate Valentine’s with, and second, I’m allergic to romance.

Being single on the 14th isn’t so bad. Okay, it’s normal to feel a bit depressed when you’re surrounded by couples, but that doesn’t mean you have to infect the world with your sadness. Do not ever dwell on that, because negative thoughts attract bad results.

Why is February even such a big deal? Shouldn’t love be available to give and receive any day of the year? Don’t be sad if your frenemy just posted a photo of her romantic valentine’s holiday with her hubby on Instagram, there are still 364 days left to find the love you deserve. And despite your life’s lack of romance (for now), there are still a lot of ways to celebrate L-O-V-E. Why not celebrate your love for food, or better yet, start a new and better relationship with your body. Celebrate the things that mean the most to you. Gather your friends, single or not, and just enjoy each other’s company. Why not organize a themed dinner or potluck? Stop being so freakin sad because you don’t have what other people have. Start appreciating the things and people that are in your life right now, because who knows, maybe you just need to take a second look to see what/who really matters in your life.

Speaking of other things to love and celebrate, here’s how I spent pre-Valentine’s – with the people that mean the most to me. We even had a potluck, and we definitely ate to our heart’s content. When without a partner, food can be your temporary lover. My dad invited his closest friends, and we all had a blast. Who ever said old people were boring. They’re not. Absolutely not.

L-R: Ate Raquel, Me, my forever Valentine a.k.a. my dad, and Josh (my godbrother)

I am so used to spending time with people older than I am. In fact, I love their company, and I love hearing stories of how things were when they were younger. I can say I grew up in an unconventional environment, my dad being a single parent. He never married and not because he was unlucky with love, his preference just isn’t acknowledged by law or the church (at the moment), if you get what I mean. This year was actually the first time we celebrated Valentine’s, and it was really a great get-together. I realized, you don’t have to be straight to give and receive love. Love has no gender, it’s something we feel when we’re with the people who make our lives more meaningful. You don’t have to be a couple, you don’t have to be married, you don’t need flowers and chocolates, you just need to have the capacity to love and accept love.

So we welcomed Valentines with a lot of laughs and FOOOOD, and wine. I haven’t eaten this much since my 18th birthday, and I’m 22 now. Haha. My dad was even trying to get me drunk, it was funny.

Roasted Chicken from Hungry Juan
Bopis (spicy Filipino dish made of minced pig’s lungs and heart)
Kare Kare (Traditional Ox Tail Stew in Savory Peanut Sauce)
Korean Kimbap
Pink Salmon in Miso Soup
Wine wine wine.

Our menu may seem like a mad jumble of different cuisines, but it was all good. It didn’t even matter when we started eating. Animated conversations started filling the room once we were on our 3rd bottle of wine, I was feeling a bit tipsy already, but I had to restrain myself because a lot of adults were there. Haha. For a while, I actually forgot I was single. It felt good. We even had a screening of Zombadings: Patayin Sa Shokot Si Remington (an indie film about gay zombies and love) and it was perfect for the evening, at least for me.


There was one part there when it was time to break Remington’s curse. He was cursed to turn gay because he didn’t know how to respect homosexuals when he was younger. The only way to break the curse was for someone else to take his place (a real man). His dad sacrificed himself so that Remington could be straight again, so that he could be with the girl he loved. He was reluctant to let his dad, but his dad said, “Hindi ba ako pwedeng maging ama, kung bading na ako?” (Can I not be a father if I’m gay?) And that line really touched me. It made me think about my dad, and how he chose to be a father to me. I don’t know why most of us feel crappy because we don’t have a lover to celebrate v-day with. what about our parents or our siblings, our families? Celebrating Valentine’s isn’t supposed to be mandatory, and it isn’t just reserved for happy couples. Giving love should be willing and unconditional, and not just once a year. Everyday is chance for us to give love, so let’s do it. 😉


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