OOTD: Denim Love

It’s always exciting to try out new trends. Majority of people think being fashionable is reserved only for the skinny ones, but I beg to disagree. My short stint as a fashion stylist has taught me a thing or two about dressing up. It may be hard to pull off some trends, but it will always be rewarding to try. Being courageous will take you a step closer to achieving your fashion dreams. Your only goal should be is to dress up to feel good, not to be noticed. Confidence should always be your best accessory.

Outfit Of The Day


Three years ago, I ransacked my dad’s closet and I found a number of vintage denim polos from Gap. For a while, they became outfit staples, but eventually I got sick of pairing them with leggings all the time. Now, I’ve decided to try if I can pull off the denim-on-denim trend. I read up on a few tips and I found some useful ones on Lauren Conrad’s website. I think I did a pretty good job for my first try. I’ve never been one to take risks when it came to clothes, but this year, I’ve decided to become more adventurous not just with dressing up, but with life, in general. What do you think, guys?


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