My awesome kitchen buddies Angela and Lerika

Recipe: Graham Balls (A Fun Recipe For Kids and Kids At Heart)

My friend Angela was browsing through Instagram when she saw this delicious looking food post by Danica Condez about Graham Balls. We were so intrigued by how it looked. The instructions were pretty simple, so we decided to try and make some that night. We ended up making the fluffy rainbow version of this sweet and mind-blowingly amazing treat.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1-2 packs of Graham Crackers
1 can of condensed milk
1 packet of powdered milk

We also added Nips (local version of M&Ms) and mini marshmallows.



Crush the Graham crackers. We used a blender to make sure there were no large bits. Grind until they’re fine. Add the Nips and marshmallows. Stir in some condensed milk. The amount of milk will depend on how sweet you want it to turn out. Remember, you already have chocolate in it so don’t overdo the milk. Add in an amount enough to make the crackers moist. When you’ve mixed everything, start shaping them into balls. This is the fun part. A perfect way to bond with your kids or friends. When you’re done with the balls, roll them in powdered milk. Place in the freezer for 30 minutes. I actually couldn’t wait. I took a bite even before they were chilled, and I was blown away. I had to literally sit down because it was so crazy good. Not exaggerating.


My awesome kitchen buddies Angela and Lerika

My awesome kitchen buddies Angela and Lerika


Make sure to not keep them in the freezer for too long. You don’t want them hard as a rock. I think the best part is when the balls start to melt. It becomes a gooey mess that will keep you wanting for more.

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83 thoughts on “Recipe: Graham Balls (A Fun Recipe For Kids and Kids At Heart)

    • My friends and I usually cook whenever we hang out. One night, we were randomly browsing Instagram and we saw this food post about Graham balls. It sounded easy to do, so we tried it out. I really have no particular reason why I chose to make Graham balls, just out of curiosity, I guess.

  1. I also made some of these. But instead, used larger mallows and used them as “core”. I also recommend the use of classB condensed milk (much cheaper and I think less sweet). Just sharing: my ratio is 2cans condensed milk and 3 bags of crushed grahams. :)

  2. actually, mixing that ratio would require human strength if no mixer is available. hahaha. been using it for 2years. i guess i got used to it. also i leave out some crushed grahams and serve them as coating and moist absorber. if ref is not readily available, this might not get it wet easily because of milk and moist. just tips. you can explore things. just enjoy this treat. :)

  3. Thanks for this wonderful recipe…. nagiisip kasi ako ng magandang dalahin sa christmas party ng baby ko… so this will be the best kasi tiyak na magugustuhan ng mga bata…

    • Not really sure, because we consumed it the same day we made it. Since there’s milk, maybe one day only if not refrigerated, but if you want it to last for at least 3-5 days, store it in the freezer.

  4. Pwede ba ipalit sa condenced milk ang nestle cream?parang matamis kasi masyado…tapos imbis na powdered milk milo ang pang coat?bibilog kaya yun?thanks

    • Yes yes. That’s actually a very creative alternative to the usual ingredients! Again, depende parin sa panlasa natin kung ano ang gusto nating tanggalin or i-add sa recipe. Salamat :)

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