Blog: Cheaters Never Win

Cheating is such a sinister word. It calls to mind all sorts of negative scenarios, but why do we still do it? We cheat on our diets, we cheat on exams, we cheat on our lovers, politicians cheat on us, and worst of all is  that sometimes we cheat on ourselves as well.

In school, that was a simple rule we all had to follow. If we got caught, consequences were sure to kick our butts afterwards. Real life is no different. We are taught these things at an early age so that we can avoid having cheating tendencies when we’re older. Sadly, not everyone learns.


Here’s the deal, a guy likes this girl, the girl likes him back, but for some reason they don’t end up together. After a long period of not seeing each other, they finally do. The guy already has a girlfriend, but he still tries to pursue the other girl. He goes on and on about how much he wants to be with her, and that they owed it to themselves to pursue the relationship he believes was meant for them. “No labels, I just want to be with you.” Was what he told her.

“What my girlfriend won’t know won’t hurt her.”

What kind of douchebaggery was that? Tsk. That line is such an overused line by chronic cheaters. I hate hearing it. I can‘t help but put myself in the shoes of the girlfriend. I abhor cheaters. And if I were the other girl, I wouldn‘t want to share the guy and be number 2, yeah as in, CRAP. I‘d rather be in a committed relationship with labels rather than be someone‘s ego fluffer. Labels are important to avoid crossing boundaries, confusion, and yes stealing and cheating.

Now how can anyone justify the guy‘s actions? Whichever way you put it, cheating is cheating. His intentions may be considered sweet by some, I see it as being selfish. I cannot push my own happiness at the expense of other people, and neither should anyone. It‘s as simple as that.

Maybe the guy‘s feeling‘s for the girl aren‘t strong enough because he can‘t find it in him to leave his girlfriend. Sad. No matter how hard he tries to deny this, it‘s the only truth I can find in this crazy mess.


4 thoughts on “Blog: Cheaters Never Win

  1. I wish that was true. Cheaters would never win. Maybe it’s true for guys who cheat. but my ex girlfriend did win. I did nothing to her after the breakup she robbed things and basically has taken apart my life. The story is so insane and I can’t do anything. The saddest part is that the only thing I want is to be back together with her. I want to see her smile. Yet she treats me like I was the scumbag. I started a blog hoping to get the story out there so that people know and I would like to have as much input as possible. I am trying to fix things and I think if I could get the story known be enough people so that it maybe gets to her as well in the end. Then maybe there is the chance that she will think about what she did that is the little string I am hanging on. Please check out the blog and share with your friends.

    1. Wanting to get back together with your girlfriend is pretty normal after a painful breakup. But one day you will see why things didn’t work out between the two of you. You may think you want to be with her now, but always remember that everything happens for a reason. Relationships end to give way to better people and opportunities. Yes, go ahead and use writing as a release, but never ever dwell on the pain. Moving forward and letting go is the better way.

      1. The reason why things didn’t work out is, because she had always been with another(of which I knew nothing), she was with him far longer than with me. Then she also has a lot of personal problems, but these are things that could be gotten in order, if she just would stop running from her problems.
        If everyone always let’s go then things will never get better for her and more people will suffer. I would like to help her, but she doesn’t let me and right now, I have to save my life or what’s left of it somehow.

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