Blog: A Random Love Letter, And The Moon


Dear Lover,

Tonight, I was staring at the sky and I saw that it was a full moon. Nights like this one bring back memories of what we used to be. I know we’ve already gone our separate ways, but one thing still holds true – you still have a part of me, and that I will never cease to love you.

I had this conversation with a good friend of ours and she asked me what made you so different from all the others that I’ve loved. You know what I answered?

I told her that what we had was something special. Only you had the power to bring out the best in me. Only your love could make my heart feel so needy yet content at the same time. No matter how hard I try to say we’re over, our memories are still alive in my heart. And even if you no longer feel the same for me, it’s fine. As long as I know you don’t hate me, I’ll survive.

I do not wish to relive the past, but I want you to know that I will always be thankful you came into my life. We’ve had good days and bad days, drama and laughter, even passion and pain, and you know what, I wouldn’t change anything even if I could.

And whenever I look at the moon, my heart stings a little, because it reminds me of how we ended, and how painful it was to lose you. But you know what, a bigger part of my soul rejoices coz I know we share a secret that no one will ever be able to understand.

Only the moon knows how much you mean to me, and every night before I sleep it gives me comfort that no matter where in the world you are, you will always be under the same sun, moon, and stars.

I still love you everyday.


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