Travel: Trip Checklist And Playing House In Nasugbu, Batangas.


I don’t know how or why I said yes to this trip, but I did, and I certainly have no regrets. Of course I had my doubts at first, I was going to sleepover with some strangers in an unfamiliar place. One of us could be a serial killer, you know. But eventually I decided that nothing wrong was going to happen, because the universe loves me, and I was given this opportunity because there’s a lesson waiting to be learned.

When you travel or go out of your comfort zone, there’s always some wisdom hidden somewhere along the road. It’s up to you to find it, and make it part of your life.

When I first got my job, I told myself I wasn’t there to make friends. Friendships only complicate things especially in a new work environment, but what I eventually learned was that it’s inevitable, and that these same office mates will be your only support system especially when you want to kill your boss or quit your job. Three weeks in and I already ate what I said. Despite the toxic levels circling our work space, I found people whom I related with, and it definitely felt refreshing.


Viemer, one of my office mates was kind enough to open her mom’s home to us in Nasugbu, Batangas. It was my first time to visit that part of Batangas, and I’d have to say it was pretty interesting. The trip had its highs and lows, and that’s okay. I certainly learned a lot.

Whoever said that it’s not the destination that matters but the journey, was right. Traveling alone teaches us a lot about our lives, but traveling with others will always teach us something important about ourselves.

Here’s 5  basic things you have to remember when going on a trip.


1) Transportation.

Now you can’t go anywhere without proper transportation, can you? Whether be it a car, boat, ship, or plane, it’s always important to plan how you’re going to reach your destination. In our case, we were lucky enough because my hubby knew someone who offered van rental services. For 3000Php (exclusive of gas and toll charges, 24 hours), It was easy hiring the guy. Just make sure you know where your money will be going. Ask questions, push for better deals, make the most of your money. Just always be reasonable with your requests. And budget your time wisely, especially since you are paying by the hour.


2) Head Count.

It’s always important to know the final head count. This number may seem unimportant, but it’s not. Having this number can save you tons of hassle and trouble, and your life will be easier when it comes to dividing expenses and chores. While planning our trip, a lot of people said yes and joined in on the excitement, but came the day of our trip, it was annoying to find out that a lot of people had backed out. From 12 heads, we were down to 7. If ever you’re planning on venturing out on a road trip, make sure you’re sure, especially when there are other people involved. Give your hosts and companions the courtesy of cancelling 2-3 days before the trip so that proper adjustments and calculations could be made. Don’t put your friends on the spot.


3) Itinerary.

Call me a control freak, but it really is better to over plan the technicalities of your trip (budget, transpo, lodging, head count, places to visit) rather than waste time deciding when you’re there. There are certain things you can and can’t control. Make the most of those things that you can, and let fate decide on the things that you can’t. Make sure you’ll be in a comfortable place with enough food and supplies, so that whatever luck decides to throw at you, you know you’ll be ready.IMG_0544

4) Budget.


It’s important to know your itinerary and head count, so that you could plan your expenses accordingly.  It’s hard to be in a far-off place without money, food, or gas (or in the worst case, all three). That’ll definitely be a different kind of adventure. Ha ha. I guess that’s an exciting idea, but when your main goal is to relax, plan well to avoid stress and other mishaps.

5) Let Go and Have Fun!

Now once all the technicalities of your trip are set, all that’s left to do is to enjoy and let fate roll the dice. As I’ve said earlier, let’s control the things we can control, but the whole outcome of your trip will definitely depend on how you react to the unexpected twists and turns. When you’re on a vacation, leave your worries, don’t wear a watch, and just be present. Enjoy the view and be thankful that you’re in that place at that time. Everything happens for a reason, always remember that. 😉

Speaking of enjoying the view, since our Nasugbu was just an overnight trip, we didn’t really get the chance to explore the place. Good thing, the view from where we stayed was already stunning, so we didn’t have to go far. We woke up to a spectacular sunrise, glad I was able to take a couple of pictures.






The only downside of this trip was our visit to the Aplaya (seaside). Since Viemer wasn’t going to join us back to Manila, she left us to the care of Jong, the guide. From Viemer’s place, which was on top of a hill, we drove down towards the beach. We were instructed to give the guide 200Php for taking us there. No problem right? We were all excited to finally go to the beach, but when we got there, we all got disappointed. The place was dirty and deserted even though there were houses. Most of the spots there were restricted, we had to walk a long way before we could go enjoy. Worst of all was that our guide left us, so we felt helpless. He wanted us to pay 500Php for the “cottage” which we did not use. We weren’t even able to swim because the water was definitely not inviting. We ended up leaving the place and our very rude guide. Tsk tsk.

Better to visit known places like Canyon Cove to avoid mishaps like this.


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