[Blog] How To: Social Graces And Keeping A Positive Image


Social graces are skills used to interact politely in situations. They include manners, etiquette (the specific accepted rules within a culture for the application of universal manners), deportment and fashion. These skills were once taught to young women at a finishing school or charm school. The focus of social graces has changed over the last century, recently with an emphasis on business etiquette and international protocol. While Social grace comes with having poise. Poise comes with experience in meeting all kinds of people and knowing what to do or say. (Source)

So how important are ‘social graces’? As young adults, we are all in the process of building who we are, especially since we’re preparing ourselves for the real world. Image, I believe, is everything. Gone are the days when we can just act however and say whatever we please. We’re not living inside the walls of high school anymore where we can play rough and tough, and people are going think we’re cool. Pretty much of everything we’ve done or are going to do matters and will matter, especially during important milestones in our lives, like applying for a job, meeting your boy friend/girl friend’s parents, opening your own business, etc. We have to know how to act at a given time and place.

It’s okay to be young, wild ‘n free when you’re out partying with your friends, but know how to draw the line. You don’t know who’s watching, and with everyone having easy access to social media, your reputation can come crashing down with just one click.

So what steps should we take to avoid shaming ourselves due to lack of manners and courtesy? People nowadays tend to judge easily without even getting to know who they’re judging. How do we save ourselves from the stress and the drama of these social bullies?

Here are four important things you can do to secure your reputation online and offline:

1. Image

Words are very powerful, and they have the power to make or break your reputation. Whether it’s verbally or over the internet, whatever statement that comes out of your mouth can greatly affect how people perceive you. Be sensitive to what other people might feel. Not everyone may think the way you do, so be careful at how you throw your opinions out there.

2. Image

Another thing about choosing your words is learning not to be a POTTY MOUTH. I know lots of people (especially ladies) who use foul words as their expressions, and believe me, it doesn’t look appealing at all. I mean, I’d be a hypocrite to say I wasn’t one of those girls at some point in my life, but I’m glad to say I’ve outgrown it. You wouldn’t want to be introduced as someone who curses like a sailor, right?

3. Image

Here’s something I’ve been having a hard time dealing with for quite some time now. And if you don’t want to have problems in the near future, better take note of this tip, because whether you like it or not, social media is now a big part of your lifestyle. Majority of the things we do are documented on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and whatever other social media platform you can think of. The thing is, this virtual world is an extension of who we are. Whatever we post online is a reflection of how we think and what kind of person we are. People will not give us the time of day if all we post are irrelevant things like who our secret crush is, or if we just finished bathing our dog, etc. If you want to keep a professional image, then post things that will be useful and informative.Remember, the internet is public domain, so don’t get all offended if people think you post meaningless stuff, they do have the right to say so after all.

4. Image

First impressions matter. In this case, the way you dress and the way you project yourself can definitely bring you a long way, even before you strike up a conversation with someone. No matter how bad your day is, you can’t let other people see it, especially when you’re in a work environment. Go ahead, bawl your eyes out in private, but don’t let anyone see you break when you’re out there. One great way to make yourself feel better is to pamper yourself. Go shopping, relax, improve your image. Not only will you look great, but your colleagues will love you for taking care of yourself as well. Say goodbye to bad juju. If you’re happy, the people around you will be happy as well. Plus, if you’re pleasant and appealing in your manners and the way you dress and project, you’ll be making your workplace a much better place. BE AN EXAMPLE AND SPREAD SOME LOVE AND POSITIVITY!


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